Big Yellow Umbrella

Big Yellow Umbrella (Formally Camden Community Connections) is a not for profit community organisation with no religious or political affiliations based in Narellan and serving the entire Camden Local Government Area (LGA)

About Us

Big Yellow Umbrella (BYU) has been providing services to the community for over 31 years.  Founded in 1987 to provide community services and facilities for the new housing developments and associated growing population in the Macarthur region where there were no existing services, BYU has responded to the changing needs of the community as it has increased in size and diversity.

What We do

Today, Big Yellow Umbrella provides services, programs and activities to meet the needs of all sectors of the local community. Our services include a Children’s Services program, Youth Services, and Community Development, including promoting and supporting a number of community groups since their inception.

OUR Commitment

We are committed to ensuring that we understand the people that live in our community and their needs through consultation and a key focus of our programs is to ensure equity of access for all groups in our community. We aim to strengthen and enrich the community by connecting people with local services, community activities and each other.

Our Vision

Our vision is a strong and empowered community, where active participation in community life reduces isolation and disadvantage and improves overall quality of life.

Our Values

Our values direct the way in which we operate and ensure that we are focused on providing a high level of service that meets the needs of our community. We are

    • Community focused
    • Forward thinking and innovative
    • Respectful and inclusive
    • Professional and Accountable