Customer Complaints


Helpful information when making a complaint

What we will do

We take your concerns or complaints about our services very seriously and want to make sure that we deal with them in an efficient and open way. We aim to deal personally with each one, and you will have a named complaint facilitator who will contact you regularly over the period of time it takes to investigate your concerns. We will work as flexibly as we can and will try to ensure that each complaint is handled in a personal and confidential way, in order to reflect your wishes.

If your complaint involves an outside agency we will need your agreement to refer your concerns on to them. In most cases we will try to provide a joint response, but there may be instances when this is not the best way to address your concerns, in either case, we will tell you what is going to happen.

Big Yellow Umbrellas' complaint handling process is laid out in our Complaints Management Policy.  For easy access, a copy of this policy is provided here on the website.

What we would like you to think about

Once we have received your complaint in writing using the Customer Complaint Form below, we will make our initial contact with you within the time frame outline in the table below.  So that we can start investigating your concerns and respond appropriately, we first need to confirm the issues you would like us to address.  It is important that we understand clearly what you are expecting as an outcome to your complaint.  It would be helpful if you could consider this prior to us making contact.

We will also confirm at this stage how you would prefer to communicate with us throughout the process.  a meeting, normally with a senior member of staff, can be organised to discuss your concerns.  it may also be possible to deal with the complaint by telephone and letter, depending on the complexity of the issue.

Big Yellow Umbrella is committed to responding quickly and courteously to complaints from clients and service providers and to making it easy to lodge a complaint.  Our policy outlines big yellow Umbrella's response time as summarised below:

Nature of Complaint

Initial Verbal Contact


Less serious complaint


2 working days

Referred to line management

2 working days

10 working days

More serious complaint – referred to management committee

2 working days

10 working days

Complaints appealed

5 working days

15 working days

Complaint of a financial nature

24 hours

48 hours

Unresolved complaints

NSW Ombudsman or other external authority

Telephone 02 2860 1000

While we aim to meet these time frames at all times, some complaints are more complex and may need additional time to resolve.  you will be allocated a member of staff to contact during the complaints handling process who will keep you up to date with what is happening, notify you if we require a meeting and if there are any changes to the response time.

Confidentiality and Consent

If you are making a complaint on behalf of another person, they must give their consent, in writing, to us, if they are able to do so, so that their confidentiality is safeguarded.

Independent advice

If you feel it would help you to have the assistance of someone outside of our Organisation.  Mediation services and Community JusticE Centres NSW are just a couple of examples of services of where this support can be sought.  Personal contacts should also be considered.  Translation and interpreting services can also be made available on request.

The next steps

Please download and print the Customer Complaint Form below and send it via:


In Person:    Narellan Child, Family and Community Centre, 16-24 Queen Street, Narellan, NSW, 2567.

By Post:        PO Box 11, Narellan, NSW 2567

We will make every effort to resolve your complaint. If, however, you feel dissatisfied with the response provided you can contact the NSW Ombudsman. Their contact details are:
Telephone    02 2860 1000
Address         Level 24, 580 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000