Youth Services

Big Yellow Umbrella's (BYU) Youth program provides a wide range of services to young people and/or their families living in the Macarthur Local Government Area (LGA)
BYU works in partnership with a number of Macarthur based organisations to deliver quality programs and projects to meet the needs of young people in the area.
Early Intervention and Placement Program

This program, funded by NSW Family and Community Services, offers young people, aged 12 – 18 years, and/or their families living in the Macarthur LGA information, support, referrals and case management.

Youth workers are available to assist young people to achieve their goals. By providing information and support, BYU hopes to ensure young people and their families are able to access available services such as referrals for counselling and family support.

Young people, are encouraged to drop in to BYU to speak to a youth worker.  Our Youth Workers can help with

    • life skills
    • social skills and relationships
    • financial management and budgeting
    • careers advice and support
    • self-help strategies connecting with family and education
Other activities to assist young people.

BYU provides groups for young people as the need arises, for example

    • Youth Groups - Our FREE Create & Connect Youth Group meets in term time from 3.30pm- 4.30pm.  Call us to register. 
    • School Workshops – These are a range of tailored workshops that address a variety of pressing concerns for local young people.  They are currently being delivered in a  variety of schools such as Elizabeth Macarthur, Mount Annan, Picton, Macquarie Fields and James Meehan High Schools.  Contact Big Yellow Umbrella to express your interest in any of the below workshops:
      • NAPCAN's Love Bites Healthy Relationships Workshop - tackling domestic violence and sexual assault with the support of local police
      • Stress and HSC Study Skills Workshop
      • Body Image and Self-Esteem Workshop
      • Birds & Bees: Workshop that equips young men and women to tackle gender stereotypes, toxic masculinity and violence against women.
    • Individual Support: Case Management
      • One-One support to help young people navigate the complexities of relationships, set goals and explore any behaviour, self-esteem and body image concerns.
    • Community Support
      • In partnership with Camden Police BYU offers individual client support with the Juvenile Justice Case Conference process.
    • School Holiday Programs
      • Activities range to provide local young people with opportunities to get creative, active or build their skills in particular areas.


  • Resuming in Term 3, RAYN, the Rainbow Advocacy Youth Network for young people who identify as LGBTQIA+ and their friends or allies who live in the Wollondilly area, will run virutally. This is an inclusive, celebratory group that supports young people throughout their diverse journeys and helps them navigate complex feelings, confusion and promotes safety in expression.

    When:  Term 3 - Thursday's 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
    Where:  Online, via ZOOM
    Cost:  FREE
    Register:  Email Nicole at
  • FREE information sessions on various SERVICES AUSTRALIA payments and services.  

    When:  Thursdays, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm 
    Where:  Online
    Cost:  FREE
    Register: Email Nicole at

  • Resuming in Term 2, RAYN, the Rainbow Advocacy Youth Network for young people who identify as LGBTQI+ and their friends or allies will run virutally. This is an inclusive, celebratory group that supports young people throughout their diverse journeys and helps them navigate complex feelings, confusion and promotes safety in expression.

    When:  Term 3 - Wednesday's 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
    Where:  Online, via ZOOM
    Cost:  FREE

    Call us to register 40422 946 358 or email

  • Registration essential. Call 4647 1283

    When:  Mondays, 3.00 pm - 5.30 pm
    Where:  Julia Reserve Youth Precinct
       Peter Brock Drive, Oran Park
    Cost:  FREE
  • FREE Youth Counselling providing strategies for preventing and coping with Drug &/or Alcohol Concerns, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Conflict & Relationships.

    Appointments are Essential. Call 02 4647 1283

    When:  Every Friday
    Where:  Julia Reserve Youth Precinct
       Peter Brock Drive, Oran Park 
    Cost:  FREE


  • Beginners and experienced skaters welcome.  Come along to develop or continue building on your skateboard or scooter skills.  enhance your resilience and respect for yourself and our proud community. A healthy body and mind allows us to shine.

    Registration essential. Call 4647 1283

    When:  Wednesdays 4.30pm - 6.30pm
     Thursdays, 4.30 pm - 6.30 pm
    Where:  Airds Bradbury Central
       52 Riverside Drive, Airds
    Cost:  FREE


  • NAPCAN’s Love Bites is a well-established respectful relationship program that has been facilitated in high schools across Australia since 2004. Love Bites began as a community and grassroots response to the issue of relationship violence with workers from various agencies such as health, police, domestic violence services and education coming together to write a prevention program for their young people.

    The program is facilitated as a participatory, youth-inclusive education model that engages young people as knowledgeable, informed partners and potential leaders in the area of respectful relationships. In order to create sustainable change within areas such as domestic violence and sexual assault, the Love Bites approach challenges established attitudes, beliefs and stereotypes around issues such as domestic violence, sexual assault and gender roles.

  • Big Yellow Umbrella is currently running a Breakfast Club at Mount Annan High School on a Monday morning. Funded by Narellan Lions and Camden Lioness Club, the Breakfast club provides over 50 students each Monday with a healthy and nutritious breakfast before school starts. The breakfast program takes place alongside the Fit For Life Boxing Program that is run at the school by Camden Police School Liaison.

  • Big Yellow Umbrella’s Youth worker frequently organises events during the school holidays to support and engage local young people within their community.

    Activities and events have included

    • Tie Dye workshops
    • Resume help
    • Therapeutic art sessions
    • Youth vs Police Oztag matches

To contact our Big Yellow Umbrella Youth Worker email


“My name is Christian Gillett I am a teacher at James Meehan High school and the supervisor of the love bites program at our school. I just want to pass on how impressed I am with Mackenzie and her fabulous presenting skills. Our students can be rather reserved and I very impressed in such a short time how she is encouraging them to participate in the program. I have been involved with love bites at another school and I really like how the program has progressed; in particular the inclusion of LGBTQI relationships. Many thanks”
Christian Gillett, James Meehan High School, Monday 18th November 2019

“During the Big Yellow Umbrella program I really enjoyed discussing pay equity and learning more about how to stand up for myself in the workplace, it taught me to be assertive and ask questions.  I learnt not to judge people by the way that they look and to try and talk to people about their differences. I learnt that it is ok to like the colour blue and to get involved in activities that are typically male dominated.  Having completed the program I now feel more confident to discuss inequities and speak up for myself.”
Taela Tarrant-Stevens, Picton High School, Year 9, 2019

“Big Yellow Umbrella has run many beneficial programs at Mount Annan High School, over the last few years. Mackenzie, who has delivered these programs, has catered for a diverse range of student needs. Breakfast Club, one of the popular programs, has helped the students start off their day with a full stomach, to help them focus for learning. The Girls Group is an excellent opportunity for female students to discuss modern issues of social media, mental health and self-esteem. The younger female’s value having Mackenzie as a positive role model in their life.  Love Bites has been a rewarding experience for students involved. They have discussed issues such as domestic violence, sexual assault and gender roles, educating them in understanding respectful interactions and becoming potential advocates in the area of positive relationships. Big Yellow Umbrella has also supported our school with more complex student issues, targeting high risk students. An extra support network for these students, has been extremely positive for them! “
Alana Coluccio, Learning and Support Teacher, Mount Annan High School, Thursday 6th February 2020